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6 Tips for Applying for an Online Loan and Insurance

Today, with the use of technologies, banking and financial services have expanded to the internet, making it quicker and easier to get a loan. Read for a critique But as the financial transaction carried out via the internet, care is needed so that you have data security and receiving money. Therefore, we have separated…

What is a credit scoring

  Are you wondering what credit scoring is? It should be noted that this is a term related to banking. When is it used? What is its use in practice? What are the different types of scoring ? What is a credit scoring It should be emphasized that currently banks have various methods that help…

4 myths about microloans

Formally, microfinance organizations appeared long ago. But only a few years ago, their activities were officially regulated. Due to this, weak and unreliable MFIs left the lending market and only those that can be trusted remained. Despite all this, there are still many people in our country who believe in the myths associated with these…

A loan against housing

Loan for an apartment Home equity loans that we carry out in the area of ​​our operations is a financial product entirely finalized with non-bank capital. Receiving this kind of loan and the process of analyzing the client as a potential borrower differs from banking analysis and is based mainly on the client’s financial capabilities,…

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